15 Best NFT Marketplaces. Where to Buy NFT?

28 Apr 2022

15 Best NFT Marketplaces

NFTs have become a hot topic in the past year, with many reports of massive monetary gains by buying and selling them. NFTs can be purchased as in-game items, works of art, or almost anything unique that somebody wants to sell the original rights to digitally.

Part of the NFT wave are investors looking for a new market to invest in and make money, and upcoming NFT projects are bringing in gains of more than 1000% over the course of a year in some cases.

If you’re trying to figure out the world of NFTs, including where and how to buy them, follow along as we take you through the process and list of all NFT marketplaces to get you started.

What Is The NFT Marketplace?

NFT MarketplacesAn NFT is a non-fungible token with a unique digital signature that contains some type of digital content. Most NFTs are based on an underlying cryptocurrency technology like Ethereum. Unlike actual cryptocurrency coins, NFTs are unique and don’t hold the same value, similar to unique works of work. An NFT could be an in-game purchase such as a digital avatar, or it could be some type of art like a drawing, song, video, or almost anything else that somebody wants to assign the digital ownership away to.

NFT marketplaces allow people to buy and sell NFTs using cryptocurrency and will be attached and represented in the blockchains standard, such as ERC-721 for Ethereum.

The primary difference between NFTs and cryptocurrency coins is that coins from the same blockchain are fungible, meaning that they can be exchanged for each other as they all hold the same value, while NFTs are all unique and can hold varying values, including limited edition NFTs that appear the same but have taken different selling paths, making them worth more or less than each other.

Another difference with NFTs is that you can’t split them up and own partial portions of them like you can with crypto coins. You must buy or sell the entire NFT, and your purchase price will impact the value of the NFT on the next sale. In this article, we will look at upcoming NFT mints and compare NFT marketplaces.


What Should You Check When Choosing An NFT Marketplace?

There is a wide range of top NFT marketplaces, and not all of them are equal, so there are a number of things you should check when choosing an NFT marketplace.

  •   Browse NFT marketplaces to see what types of NFTs are available to buy; you’ll typically want to find one with many different options in the style of NFT you want. Such as comic-style NFTs or works of art from famous artists.
  •   Check how busy the NFT marketplace is; if it has a high turnover rate, then you’re going to see more valuable and interesting NFTs that you may want to purchase.
  •   Determine the blockchain used on the marketplace so you can understand which cryptocurrency coins you’ll need to purchase your NFT. Ethereum is the most popular to be used but certainly isn’t the only option, so determine which crypto you’ll need in order to buy an NFT that you want.

Typically NFT marketplaces will have a theme, or perhaps like Axie Infinity, will only sell specific NFTs related to their games. Some other NFT marketplaces may specialize in selling cartoon NFTs or meme NFTs. So figure out what you’d prefer and find the appropriate marketplace for that style of NFT.

Detailed below are 15 of the best NFT marketplaces that should provide something for everything.

OpenSea. Best NFT Platform

  Built On: Ethereum and Polygon


OpenSea has the largest trading volume of any NFT marketplace and the best nft marketplace for artists, it provides peer-to-peer transactions for a wide range of NFTs, including in-game, collectibles, artwork, videos, music, and almost any other form of NFT that somebody wants to sell.

You’ll need to connect a crypto wallet, such as MetaMask, Coinbain, Formatic, or a range of others, and have enough Ethereum or Polygon to purchase your desired NFT.

The process to purchase an NFT is simple, you pick the NFT you want, place a bet to buy it, and if accepted, the purchase amount will be taken from your connected wallet.

If you’ve determined you want to sell your own NFT, then you can put almost anything up and wait for a buyer. You’ll still need to connect your wallet so that purchases can be deposited.

Axie Marketplace. Upcoming NFT Games

  Built On: Ethereum

Axie Marketplace is arguable the second-largest trading NFT platform based around a decentralized game. You can buy and sell creatures in the game, but what's interesting is that you can create or breed your own creatures and then put them up for sale as NFTs on the marketplace.

The NFTs on this marketplace can be considered NFT investments but can also be used in the game, which is where many of the purchases happen and are used for.

Playing and building up your in-game creature will lead to higher selling prices if that’s your goal in this marketplace.

You’ll simply need to join the gain and connect your Ethereum wallet to start making purchases or creating your own creatures.

CryptoPunks. Where to Buy CryptoPunks?

  Built On: Ethereum

CryptoPunksCryptoPunk is a limited series of 10,000 digitally generated characters or figures that typically look like a cartoon version of a profile picture.

The NFTs were initially given away for free but quickly gained traction, and prices have since shot up. One of the cheapest CryptoPunk NFTs is 100 ETH, while the most expensive is close to USD 530 million.

The marketplace works the same as work others; you connect your Ethereum wallet, browse available NFTs and make a bid for one. If your bid is accepted, the purchase price will be taken from your connected wallet.

NBA Top Shot

  Built On: FLOW

NBA Top Shop provides videos of iconic NBA moments in the form of digital trading cards or NFTs. You can purchase a collection of the digital trading videos and watch them whenever you want or hold onto them and try to resell them yourself.

The platform is simple to use; you’ll be able to sign-up with your Google login, verify a phone number via SMS, and then connect your FLOW crypto wallet to buy and sell NFTs.

If you don’t have a digital wallet or don’t have enough to make purchases, you can attach a credit card and buy using that method.


  Built On: Ethereum


Rarible is a similar NFT marketplace to OpenSea and provides access to a wide range of NFTs with no specific theme. You’ll find many digital art NFTs and other collectibles by famous artists specializing in NFTs.

Similar to most other NFT marketplaces, you sign up, connect your crypto wallet, select and NFT you want, and place a bid. If your bid is accepted, the purchase price will be taken from your connected wallet, and you’ll then own an NFT.


  Built On: Ethereum

SuperRare attempts to curate a selection of fine NFT art pieces, and anything listed must go through the platforms moderators before it is listed. The downside is a slower turnaround on new NFTs but less junk to sort through.

Signing up is simple, which is a big aspect of the site's overall design; you log in, connect your digital wallet, and then you can start bidding on NFTs and wait for somebody to accept.


  Built On: Ethereum

KnownOrigin is another NFT marketplace that is attempting to curate a fine selection of art pieces rather than being a mass marketplace for all NFTs. Only true art NFTs will be accepted to be listed, so no gimmicky GIFs, odd photos, or NFTs that are not expensive for being most expensive NFT.

The signup process is simple, and then you connect your wallet, place a bid on your desired NFT, and if accepted, the purchase price will be taken from your connected wallet.


  Built On: Binance Smart Chain


PancakeSwap is an NFT marketplace that provides NFT collections rather than individual NFTs. You’ll find around 26,000 NFTs from various collections, including Pancake bunnies, squad, etc. The collection will typically be a 3D pixelated figure that could be used as an avatar.

The signup process is easy; you connect your crypto wallet, search for the NFT you want, and then place a bid. If your bid is accepted, the purchase price will be taken from your connected wallet.


  Built On: Ethereum

MakersPlace is another curated NFT marketplace and are attempting to only list digital fine ar through their platform; and has had many celebrity buyers and sellers, including T-Pain and Shakira, which can typically boost NFTs substantially.

It’s a good NFT marketplace to keep an eye on, as some artists may drop collections for cheap initially but once purchased, the prices skyrocket; recently, a well-known artist, Beeple, added an NFT collection for $1 per NFT.

Signing up is easy; use your Google or Facebook account, and you’ll be able to follow five NFT artists initially but can still search around for the NFT you want, connect your crypto wallet, and make a bid on an NFT you want. If needed, you can connect your credit card if your crypto wallet is empty.

Binance NFT Marketplace

  Built On: Binance Smart Chain

Binance is a powerhouse in the crypto space and has its own the best NFT trading platform. They work with a range of celebrities or known entities to bring exclusive and interesting NFT offerings to their users.

If you’re looking for a unique piece that may have been created by a celebrity, you may find it here, but remember, the price of these types of NFTs can rise and fall with the popularity of the celebrity.

If you’re already a Binance customer, then you can use the same login, otherwise, sign up and connect your crypto wallet, make a bid on an NFT you want, and then wait for acceptance.

You’ll be able to pay in ETH, BNB, or BUSD depending on what the NFT owner wants to be paid in, so not all options are available on all NFTs.


  Built On: Binance Smart Chain


BakerySwap has been around for a while and was the first NFT marketplace place to be built on the Binance Smart chain. It’s small and won’t have the range of many other marketplaces, but it’s quickly growing and has many unique NFTs that you may want to check before going to a larger marketplace.

Sign up to the platform as you would any other marketplace, but you’ll only be able to pay for NFTs in BNB tokens.

Solanart. Upcoming NFT Solana

  Built On: Solana


Solanart gained ground quickly by offering an extremely popular NFT collect, Degenerate Ape Academy. They now process millions of dollars worth of NFTs with a range of collections, including SolPunks, AlienX, and many more. It’s a great marketplace to find well-known or interesting collections.

You’ll need to have or create a Solana crypto wallet and purchase SOL tokens, as that is the only option on this marketplace.


  Built On: Ethereum


Foundation has built a reputation for working with and listing many famous and highly creative artists on the platform, so the selection of NFTs is highly unique and sort after. You’ll see a huge number of high-value NFTs going up for sale and potentially being sold quickly.

As an example, Edward Snowden put up his first NFT collection on the platform, which, whether you like the collection or not they’re a hot commodity.

Otherwise, the signup and bidding process is exactly the same as any other platform. Connect your Ethereum wallet and start bidding for NFTs.

Myth Market

  Built On: WAX

Myth Market is actually the entry point for five smaller NFT marketplaces, including GPK Market, GoPepe market, Heroes Market, KOGS Market, and Shatner Market.

You must signup through Myth Market first, and then you can access the other marketplaces, which is where you’ll actually be searching for and bidding on NFTS.

Overall, you’ll find trading card-style NFTs with famous actors like William Shatner or Pepe Frog meme trading cards. So the style of NFT is not for everyone, but some may love the NFT, and the prices can go quite high.

The platform is built on WAX, so you’ll need a WAX crypto wallet to purchase any of the NFTs on this platform.

Nifty Gateway

  Built On: Ethereum

Nifty Gateway is another curated NFT marketplace, offering NFTs from famous artists like The Weeknd, Grimes, and even Eminem. So if that type of NFT or celebrity is to your liking, this is the perfect platform to purchase NFTs that you can enjoy but also sell for a profit later.

To buy NFTs, you just need to create an account and validate your email; you can also link a Gemini exchange account. If you plan to sell NFTs, you’ll need to verify your identity.


Where’s The Best Place To Buy An NFT? Where Do you Buy NFTs?

The best place to buy NFT is whatever you find the most convenient and attractive for yourself. Each marketplace represents its artists and collectible items.

What’s The Largest NFT Marketplace?

Opensea, which is based on Polygon and Ethereum, is the largest NFT marketplace with trading volume of $3 billion+. Following in second and third place based on trading volume are Axie Infinity Marketplace and Solanart.

What’s The Most Popular NFT Collection?

Bored Ape Yacht ClubNFTs by Bored Ape Yacht Club are the most popular and expensive of any current NFT collection. Ten thousand assets make up the NFT Bored Ape Yacht Club collection.

The collection comprises art with apes or other primates in different artistic styles and featuring different accessories. The collection is built on the Ethereum network, so you’ll buy and sell them all using ETH.

Bored Ape #3749 on was in September 2021 for 740 ETH, which was equivalent to USD 2.92 million at the time.

Why Aren’t There Bitcoin-Based NFTs?

For an NFT to work on a blockchain, there needs to be smart contract technology implemented on that blockchain, and Bitcoin does not provide that and is not likely to in the near future.

Can You Trade NFTs?

Right now, there are no dedicated cryptocurrency exchanges that allow you to trade NFTs. For NFT trades, you are relying on NFT auctions or peer-to-peer trading. You buy and sell NFTs using the underlying cryptocurrency.


Disclaimer: Remember that this article is not financial or investing advice; it’s the author's opinion on a specific topic. You should not invest or buy anything without doing your own investigation and due diligence.

There is no warranty given on the completeness or accuracy of the information contained in this article. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile from day to day, so even with complete and accurate information today, that may change quickly.

You must research your own investments in cryptocurrency and not use this article as your sole source of information on investing or not investing in a cryptocurrency or anything else.

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