How To Buy Cryptocurrency FAQ

About us
  • We facilitate the buying, selling, and exchanging of cryptocurrency through the aggregation of offers from various sources, so that you're getting the chance for the best rates from the best exchanges.


    Our goal is to ensure you can easily get the best rates and simply make transactions through your credit card without any complexity involved. Everything is offered in a single place, so you're not having to hunt around and spend hours or days buying something that should be simple.


    CardtoCrypto is constantly evaluating our processes and the exchanges that are included in our aggregation services to ensure that you're always getting the best options through our intuitive systems that don't require any special knowledge to use.

  • We source all available information from reputable exchanges to bring you the best and safety crypto exchange offers in a single location, maximizing your profitability. We do not store your information, collect any funds from you, or request any payment. Our goal is to ensure you have the chance to see every option so that you can make the decision and then purchase from one of our exchange partners.


    Our service provides you access to the best rates on 450+ cryptocurrencies that are constantly being reviewed and additional cryptos being added, along with new exchange partners that offer the best rates.

  • CardtoCrypto is fully transparent in what we do, what's being offered, and who is offering it. There is no stealthy information gathering or attempt to capture information or add on any additional service fees.


    Once we provide you with the information with the best options for your transaction, then you can go directly to the exchange partner to set up the transaction, with nothing stored or left on CardtoCrypto.

    • We do not take payments, deposits, or store anything regarding your transaction
    • Crypto exchanges are instant and direct
    • Access to CardtoCrypto is encrypted over HTTPS and secured through 2-factor auth.
  • The exchange rate is how much of one currency can be exchanged for a different currency. We track and provide real-time information on the best exchange rates between all supported currencies and provide the options to you for review.

  • Your wallet address is a digital wallet that holds your cryptocurrency coins and tokens, just like your real wallet. The address of your wallet is a unique identifier that is randomly generated and consists of numbers and letters.


    While your name and information are not available, your digital wallet address is your identity in the crypto world.


    CardtoCrypto does not create or store your digital wallet, and we do not need to know the address; that information is between you and the crypto exchange partners you decide to work with.

  • Each crypto you want to buy will require a wallet address that is only usable with that form of crypto. Many exchange partners will assist you in creating a crypto wallet online, or you can research the crypto you want to buy to see the recommendations.


    CardtoCrypto does not store your wallet address, and you need to ensure you keep a copy and your private keys in a safe place.


    If you lose your crypto wallet or it's stolen, then you may lose access to your cryptocurrency forever, as neither CardtoCrypto nor the exchange will be able to recover it.

  • You are either the sender (selling) or recipient (buying) in crypto transactions. The recipient address will either be your crypto wallet address for that particular cryptocurrency or whoever you're selling your crypto to.


    If you're buying crypto and you're the recipient, ensure that you use a specific crypto wallet address for that currency; your crypto wallet address is different from each cryptocurrency you are using.

  • Go to the main page of CardtoCrypto and provide the details on how much you want to buy of which cryptocurrency, and you'll be provided with a list of offers to select, and then you will be able to purchase via one of our exchange partners.

  • Any time there is a crypto transaction, there is a small network fee charged for the operation of the blockchain or cryptocurrency system. The small fee is standardized, so it doesn't matter if you buy a huge amount of crypto; it's always just a small fee to assist in the operation.

  • Transactions can take between 5-30 minutes to complete processing, and unlike banks, there isn't a set daily exchange rate. Due to cryptocurrency, volatility rates can change to slightly less or slightly more within that timeframe.

    CardtoCrypto does not set or manage the rates of each cryptocurrency on offer as you're getting the direct market exchange rates.

  • Cryptocurrency transactions can take between 5-30 minutes before they are completely processed. Your timing can depend on how big of a transaction you're making and which cryptocurrency you're making it in.

    Some larger transactions can take longer, and some cryptocurrencies are slower than others to process transactions, especially during peak times.

Bank card payments
  • CardtoCrypto accepts five main fiat currencies to be charged in when purchasing our 150+ cryptocurrencies.

    You can still purchase outside of these four main currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, RUB). However, your credit card company will convert to your local currency, which can add costs outside of our control.

  • Using CardtoCrypto is intentionally easy and intuitive; listed below are the basic steps that may alter slightly depending on which exchange partner you decide to use.

    • Select your preferred currency (USD, EUR, GDP, AUD) from the menu.
    • Set the fiat or crypto amount you want to buy; there may be limits based on your account age and the exchange partner you decide to work with.
    • Review the results, select the best offer for your requirements, and continue to the exchange partner.
    • Login to the exchange partner and provide your digital wallet address for the crypto you're buying.
    • You may need to verify your email address with a 4-digit code check your email and spam folder for the incoming message.
    • Billing information may be required to proceed.
    • Enter your debit or credit card number, export, and 3-digit code on the back.
    • First-time buyers may need to provide proof of identity, which can be uploaded to the exchange partner to verify; the likely identification methods include:
      • Passport
      • Driver's license
      • Government-issued photo ID

    You may need to upload a selfie image to verify you're the owner of the ID being used. It can take between 2-30 minutes to verify your information. Once verified, your transaction will be provided within 5-30 minutes, and the crypto will be in your account to verify, along with an email to let you know everything has been approved.

  • Transactions will be processed in USB, GDP, EUR, RUB or AUD but any valid credit or debit card with the backing of a major credit card processor such as Visa or Mastercard will allow you to purchase your crypto from any region.


    If your bank card is not in one of the four supported currencies, then your bank or issuer will make the conversion which can increase the cost of your transaction depending on what fiat exchange rates your issuer is offering, which often isn't the best.

  • PayPal may or may not be accepted by the exchange partner. In most cases, it won't be, so using your bank card is the best option for a successful transaction.

  • Yes, but your card issuer will convert from USD, GBP, EUR, AUD to your card currency, which adds cost to your transaction.

  • CardtoCrypto doesn't take your payment directly, and it will be up to the exchange partner and what limitations they have.

Sell crypto
  • What options are available for crypto to fiat transactions will depend on the exchange partner you work with. You can search for the best options and best rates.

  • Limitations on crypto to fiat transactions will be dependent on your exchange partner or what options your crypto wallet offers.

  • For basic verification, it's often required that you provide a government-issued photo ID:

      • Passport
      • Driver's license
      • Other Government-issued photo ID

    You may then need to provide a selfie to confirm you're the owner of the ID provided. You should only need to do this once per exchange partner.


    In some situations, if you reach high transactions limits, you may be required to verify further, such as through a face-to-face call which may be recorded or live with an agent at the partner exchange.


    Once advanced verification has been performed, it's unlikely there will be any further verification or reasonable limits put on your account.

  • SEPA is the Single Euro Payments Area, a payment system in the EU to simplify bank transfers in EUD. SEPA allows customers to make cashless EUD payments to any designated account in the EU with the same payment options.

  • Your exchange rate is confirmed after the first successful Blockchain commit, which can take 5-30 minutes to complete, though it could take longer if there are issues or other unexpected delays.

  • Funds will be transferred once the rates have been locked, which can take up to three business days but could be as short as a few hours.

  • Crypto-to-fiat transactions are supported in a wide range of countries, with more options available constantly; current options include:

    • Austria - AT
    • Belgium - BE
    • Bulgaria - BG
    • Croatia - HR
    • Cyprus - CY
    • Czechia - CZ
    • Denmark - DK
    • Estonia - EE
    • Finland - FI
    • France - FR
    • Germany - DE
    • Greece - GR
    • Hungary - HU
    • Ireland - IE
    • Israel - IL
    • Italy - IT
    • Latvia - LV
    • Liechtenstein - LI
    • Lithuania - LT
    • Luxembourg - LU
    • Malta - MT
    • Netherlands - NL
    • Norway – NO
    • Poland - PL
    • Portugal - PT
    • Romania - RO
    • Slovakia - SK
    • Slovenia - SI
    • Spain - ES
    • Sweden - SE
    • United Kingdom - GB
    • United States - US
  • Our service fee is 0%. But each partner puts up its own fees - watch the information on the partner's card. 

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