JasmyCoin Price Prediction: Can The Token Regain It's Highs?

14 May 2022

Jasmy Coin Price Prediction

Jasmy is a Tokyo-based company formed by ex-Sony executives who launched a native cryptocurrency token called JasmyCoin (JASMY) in January 2021 on MXC, a Singapore cryptocurrency exchange.

By February 2021, JASMY had risen to $4.99, which became its all-time high, but by June 2021, it dropped to $0.30 and has slowly been dropping further ever since.

By April 2022, it had dropped to $0.022, which is a 99.6% drop from its all-time high of $4.99, and by May 2022, it had fallen to $0.0159.

Is it possible for such a promising crypto-token that reached prices that many other cryptos haven’t been able to attain, to get back to its higher prices, or will it continue to fall and ultimately cease to have any significant value?

Are the predictions for JasmyCoin looking good going further into 2022, 2025, and up to 2030?

Detailed below are our predictions for the once-promising crypto token.

What Are Jasmy And JasmyCoin?

Jasmy Coin Logo

The company was created on April 5, 2016, in Tokyo, Japan, by Kazumasa Sato, who was the former CEO of SonyStyle.com.

Jasmy is a data collection and distribution company that built the Jasmy Platform, which provides a place for data distributors to connect with data users.

The goal of Jasmy is to protect and provide decentralized ownership of data so that it can’t be taken or resold without authentication of original ownership.

Jasmy provides a data locker that authenticates and provides full ownership and history of ownership along with protection of the data. Service providers have the opportunity to utilize the data and promote their business or service.

The idea is to reduce the cost of information security and provide ownership and usage of data in a decentralized method.

There are three primary challenges that Jasmy aims to solve with digital information

    • 1. Users send personal data through their IoT devices to companies who then provide services or access to the user. The information can often be sensitive, and users may be uncomfortable with providing that data to too many companies due to privacy issues.

Jasmy provides a method for users to manage and control access to their personal data rather than relying on each individual company.

    • 2. Companies that are collecting personal data from users through their IoT devices need to manage the security and privacy of that data which can be costly and time-consuming to keep track of the data and requirements for storing and using the data.

Issues faced by companies could be issues with leaked or stolen data, which is an issue for their brand, as well as costly tracking and fixing any issues related to the leak of information.

    • 3. Data management that is centralized forces users to rely on multiple different companies to keep their data secure and private for every jurisdiction that the company operates, which is often not done, especially by smaller companies or as regulations change.

Jasmy overcomes this issue by providing a decentralized environment that puts security and privacy at the forefront of data access and storage.


Jasmy provides a decentralized storage system based on blockchain technology. The Jasmy native token, JasmyCoin (Jasmy), has been built on the well-known Ethereum network using an ERC-20 token.

Users and companies can store private information securely in a data locker on the Jasmy platform, which provides trust for the users and easier management and access for companies.

JasmyCoin guarantees the value and accuracy of data stored on the platform and makes it available securely to companies as users allow.

Jasmy provides 50 billion tokens, with 4.75 billion tokens currently in circulation as of April 2022; the market cap is $104 million.

JasmyCoin is offered on MXC, which is a Singapore-based crypto exchange, and there was no initial coin offering (ICO). However, the coin did reach $4.99 quickly but hasn’t managed to keep that high value.


JasmyCoin Had A Bullish Launch

JasmyCoin had a number of listings when it was initially launched in January 2021, including CoinGecko and Gate.io; these listings significantly benefited JasmyCoin for its launch.

Gif Jasmy chart down

By February 2021, JasmyCoin had reached an all-time high of $4.99 but quickly dropped in value by 59%, and hit $1.77 by the end of February 2021.

The token had a rally in March and climbed back to $2.96 but quickly dropped by 38% a few days later and landed back at $1.83.

JasmyCoin was launched on the Jubi cryptocurrency exchange in March 2021, but that made no significant difference in the price.

Jasmy joined GitHub in March 2021, which provided a platform for users to discuss the project, and this may have helped with the surge seen in March in the tokens price. However, the token bounced around between $1 and $2.20 but started to settle lower around $1.03.

Gate.io organized a staking campaign in May 2021, which saw the JasmyCoin price jump to $2.16.

In May, the Jasmy CFO indicated that Jasmy was looking for cross-chain compatibility because the Ethereum fees were increasing. Some of the options included Binance Smart Chain and Polygon Networks.

Starting A Bearish Trend

JasmyCoin was listed on Bittrex in May 2021 and provided support for Trust Wallet and Metamask, but this did not help with the price, which began to drop further due to overall cryptocurrency market losses.

By the end of May 2021, JasmyCoin had dropped to $0.99, which was a 54% drop from the start of May, and then the spiral in the price continued into June 2021, where the token lost 98% of its value by the end of the month.

JasmyCoin saw a slight surge in July 2021 due to partnerships with Japan’s Football League and a further price increase in October 2021 when the platform was made available on nine new crypto exchanges, and the collaboration with X Digital Innovation and the price jumped back up to $0.28 but dropped to $0.18 in December 2021.

As of 2022, JasmyCoin has continued its downward spiral and has not had any significant jumps in price.

Jasmy chart

What Is The JasmyCoin Prediction?

One of the biggest issues faced by Jasmy is that crypto news and information overall in Japan during 2021 - 2022 hasn’t been positive, and Jasmy is a Japanese-based company, so that impacts the future and trust in Jasmy.

Many believe that Jasmy released too many tokens simultaneously and doesn’t have a reliable method for managing the current supply, which has likely damaged JasmyCoin from an investment perspective.

Jasmy still hasn’t addressed the issues that investors and users have raised around anything, so the value will not increase until that happens.

Another significant issue with Jasmy is that information is limited in exactly what the platform is doing and how it’s doing it, which makes investors nervous about putting their money into a native token that could have further problems or its own security and privacy issues in the future.

While the token is new to crypto markets, that hasn’t stopped many other native tokens from having gains and a good investment, so the likely factor is simply a lack of information being shared y Jasmy.

Jasmy also has a number of competitors which have advantages over Jasmy, which puts some risk in investing in a company that may not be able to gain significant market share going forward.

Jasmy has lost 99.6% of its all-time high and is currently trading at $0.0159. For JasmyCoin to increase in price at this point, it will require Jasmy to fix the issues identified by users and investors and start making ground in partnerships with companies that want access to the information they will store.

JasmyCoin Price Prediction For 2022-2030

Wallet Investor, which is an algorithm-based forecasting platform, has given JasmyCoin a bearish price prediction into the future and has called it a “bad long-term investment.”

If Jasmy continues to operate as it currently has, the JasmyCoin forecast is not great, and within 12 months, we could see the coin drop even further. The predictions in April 2022 had the coin dropping to $0.019 within the next 12 months; however, as of May 2022, it’s already dropped below that to $0.0159.

Predictions had the coin dropped down to $0.0016 by 2027, but it could be even lower, or JasmyCoin may not even exist in 2027 if Jasmy as a company can’t gain ground on its competitors who are having much more success.

Some other predictions show JasmyCoin reaching $0.029 by the end of 2022, $0.032 in 2023, and $0.042 by the end of 2025. Long-term JasmyCoin forecasts have the token hitting $0.1 by 2030.

However, the JasmyCoin price predictions are based on the company increasing its footprint in the data distribution market and fixing the issues that have already been raised with them.

At this point, Jasmy has failed to address any of the issues and may not address them in time to save JasmyCoin.

Token Supply Must Be Resolved

Jasmy as a platform has the potential for growth along with JasmyCoin as it has solid goals of decentralizing IoT data management which makes it a pioneer in the web 3.0 space.

Experts, such as the CEO of NiceHash, have indicated that JasmyCoin forecasts look promising if token supply issues can be addressed, but as mentioned, that has so far not been done or discussed by Jasmy.

Jasmy Logo Card

Considering how low the price currently is, investors predict that buying now has high reward potential if or when Jasmy fixes these issues, and prices can’t significantly go down much further unless the coin ceases to exist.

Overall, experts believe that the IoT data management space using decentralized blockchain technology has a big future, and while the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, native tokens that aren’t based on speculation have big potential.

Jasmy provides a valuable service but isn’t the only player in the market; if they can gain market share, fix issues like token supply, and continue to innovate and improve their platform, there is real potential for investment return from JasmyCoin.

JasmyCoin is still currently available on a big range of crypto exchanges, including Coinbase, Bittrexx, Uniswap, Gate.io, and many others, which means that it’s easily available to any investors, so there is no limitation when the time is right or investors feel the platform has resolved current issues.

Ultimately, the price is currently headed down and likely won’t go up unless Jasmy fixes the issues and investors are happy it the direction of the company. Right now, there is nothing to indicate that Jasmy plans to make any of the changes investors want.

NOTE: Any algorithm-based JasmyCoin price predictions are only predictions and not based on future knowledge, so the price of JasmyCoin can easily go up and down on a huge range of factors. You should be conducting your own research and making your own judgments on any investment that you want to make.


Is JasmyCoin A Good Investment?

JasmyCoin is a high-risk investment as it continues a downward spiral in price that can likely only be stopped by Jasmy fixing the issues that investors have indicated need fixing.

If JasmyCoin makes changes and gains significant market share, then JasmyCoin price predictions have it gaining ground but likely not back to the all-time high of $4.99.

Will JasmyCoin Go Up Or Down?

Some JasmyCoin price predictions have the coin gaining ground and hitting $0.029 by the end of 2022 and further increasing at least up till 2027. However, the current price continues to fall, so predictions are really based on Jasmy making changes that so far haven’t been done or publicly planned.

Some long-term JasmyCoin price predictions have the native token hitting $0.1 by 2030, but that, like many things, is very dependent on how well the company does.

Can JasmyCoin Reach $0.2?

As of 2022, the JasmyCoin price predictions have reached $0.1 by 2030, so there is no real prediction indicating it will hit $0.2, and it has continued to spiral down in 2022 so far.

It’s unlikely based on current information, that JasmyCoin is going to reach $0.2 in the near future unless there are significant changes by Jasmy or other outside factors pushing the price up.


Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is “as is,” and there is no guarantee of the accuracy of the information. Cryptocurrency are extremely volatile, so current conditions and your own judgment should be used when making purchases. Consider talking to financial advisors and tax advisors before making any kind of decision

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