Digital Carbon Credit Coin: UPCO2

9 May 2022

Digital Carbon Credit Coin: UPCO2

Carbon credit coins or tokens provide an opportunity for you to purchase carbon credits and protect the Amazon rainforest. However, does that make them a good cryptocurrency to buy?

Recently, an alliance of companies specializing in cryptocurrencies launched a digital carbon credit coin called Universal Carbon Token or UPCO2.

UPCO2 was the world’s first tradable digital carbon credit coin on a public blockchain and is available to all investors to review and purchase. Each UPCO2 token is connected to the carbon trading markets and allows you to offset carbon footprints.

Quick Facts On Carbon Credit Coin UPCO2

Universal Protocol Alliance, a group of leading blockchain companies, created and released a digital carbon credit coin, UPCO2.

Carbon Credit Coin UPCO2

Their Mission

Democratize Carton. Typically, major corporations and governments deal with carbon and carbon credits, so individuals have no opportunity to have a meaningful impact on carbon credits.

Using UPCO2, the hope is to make access to carbon credits and standardize the prices globally using voluntary carbon credits (VCUs) that allow almost anybody to gain entry to the carbon credit markets.

Should You Buy UPCO2?

By using UPCO2 coins, you help with reforestation in places like the Amazon, Congo Basin, and Indonesia, along with a number of other regions. The prices around carbon credits are volatile, making UPCO2 relatively volatile until prices become more sustained and there is a major uptick in usage of the digital carbo credit coin.

The UPCO2 price prediction 2025 is high and expected to continue increasing and becoming less volatile as more people start buying the coin.

What is The Universal Protocol Alliance?

The Universal Protocol Alliance or UPA is an alliance of cryptocurrency companies that have partnered with a digital gold trading company, InfiniGold, a cryptocurrency hardware company, Ledger, and a crypto exchange Uphold.

All of which have teamed together to make UPCO2 a reality and provide digital carbon credits to regular investors looking to give back to the earth.

What Is The Goal?

UPCO2 Icon

The goal with UPCO2 is to democratize carbon and standardize carbon credit prices like any other commodity on the market, such as oil or gold.

This is seen with the UPCO2 token price predictions staying heavily in line with the carbon credit prices and UPCO2 and other digital carbon credit coins having a stabilizing impact on the price of carbon credits.

The other goal as UPCO2 becomes more used is to provide more environmentally friendly projects to put into the hands of regular investors or interested parties.

How Do UPCO2 Coins Work?

Every UPCO2 coin is connected to carbon credits in the real world. One UPCO2 coin is equal to one year-ton of CO2.

UPCO2 uses REDD+ to help with reforestation projects that help offset carbon emissions in multiple rainforests worldwide.

Each coin is valued or backed by a voluntary carbon unit or VCU. This type of backing makes it much easier with UPCO2 price predictions.

VCUs are digital certifications provided by a number of international agencies, such as Verra. The certificate indicates that greenhouse gasses (GHG) are being offset by the projects being backed by UPCO2 and indicate what carbon credits have been issued.

When you buy a coin, you buy carbon credits. One UPCO2 is equivalent to one year-ton of CO2 pollution.

Is UPCO2 Good For The Environment?

By buying UPCO2, the money is put back into reforestation projects that essentially help replant and regrow the world’s rainforests that are constantly being cut down. The majority of the projects are in the world’s largest rainforests in the Amazon, Congo Bason, and Indonesian rainforests.

UPCO2 provides a way for financial return but also to give back to the environment is a real and positive way. Which makes it an appealing coin to invest in that is being backed by more than just interest in profit.

Does UPCO2 Make Financial Sense?

Voluntary carbon credits don’t lose value and can be maintained forever; they’re backed by real money and are certified globally.

Does UPCO2 Make Financial Sense

As people shift towards looking for greener options for cryptocurrencies, carbon credit coins like UPCO2 will continue to increase in value. People are becoming much more interested in companies or coins that are green and provide a real benefit back to the environment.

Prior to UPCO2, carbon credits were traded behind closed doors and were not available to the general public in most situations. However, with UPCO2, there is a real chance to be involved and set prices on the market.

The connection to a real market is one of the biggest selling points of the coin, outside of the green effects that it has, and UPCO2 coin price predictions are relatively easy to make as the coin becomes more widely used.

UPCO2 Coin Chart

Standardizing Carbon Credits

By utilizing VCUs, the UPA and other partners want to standardize the price of UPCO2 (carbon credits) and provide a digitally traded, tracked, and easily accessible way to enter the carbon market.

With the democratization of carbon credits, it allows UPCO2 to protect the world’s rainforests, set standardized prices, provide easy access, and even create a heavily traded and financially lucrative new cryptocurrency.

Right now, the prices for carbon credits are volatile, but that’s the goal of UPCO2 to standardize and adjust them to more normal and sustainable levels.

Why Isn’t The Carbon Market Profitable?

Carbon emissions caused by humans doubled between 2008 to 2018 and have increased further into 2022.

Unfortunately, due to the way that carbon credits are supplied and the cost involved in creating and supplying those carbon credits, the prices are volatile and are currently limiting the market's growth.

With blockchain technology and the ability to open the market to a wider audience, automating the process, and standardize the carbon credit prices, the carbon market has a serious chance of being highly profitable in the future as UPCO2 takes off and becomes more popular.

Alternative Digital Carbon Credit Coins

UPCO2 was the first publicly available digital carbon credit coin, and there aren’t a lot of alternatives at the moment, making UPCO2 a great option to invest in early.

MC02 is an alternative digital carbon credit cointhat was released at a similar time as UPCO2, and from the last valuations, they have purchased and sold 900,000+ tonnes of CO2.

The major issue with MC02 is that it’s not available on the same number of exchanges as UPCO2 and is challenging to invest in for most people, which is why UPCO2 is a much better option for regular investors just looking to invest and not hunt out how to buy a cryptocurrency.

You can buy UPCO2 and a range of other digital assets from Uphold’s website without any issues at all, unlike some of the other alternatives out there.

Is It Worth Buying Digital Carbon Credits?

Right now, you have two options for buying digital carbon credit coins, UPCO2 and MC02. Uphold can easily sell your UPCO2, and it’s well worth the purchase price as UPCO2 coin price predictions are high.

However, MC02 is a more challenging asset to purchase, and while it’s as worthwhile as UPCO2 from an environmental perspective, it’ not worth the effort when UPCO2 is much more easily available.

There are no significant downsides in purchasing digital carbon credit coins; they are backed by a real verifiable asset. The only issues that are currently seen are the volatility in prices, but with digital carbon credit coins like UPCO2, that volatility is expected to drop, and the MC02 token price prediction is to go up considerably.

One issue that has been raised against VCUs is around transparency. There is currently no way to know what percentage of your money will go to administrative costs for projects.

Is Uphold Legit?

Uphold is a legit company providing a valuable service, but they do have a connection with an unfavorable cryptocurrency lender, Cred. Cred has a number of allegations of fraud levied against them, and they declared bankruptcy in 2020.

Uphold company

Cred worked with a large number of companies, and Upload was only one of them with no significant ties. Once the allegations came out, Uphold was one of the first companies to cut ties with Cred.

So the concerns around Uphold having anything to do with Cred are unfounded as far as the current facts are concerned.

How to Buy UPCO2: a Step-by-Step Guide

UPCO2 can be purchased at a number of exchanges, but if you’re trying to find the best price, as well as the best exchange to keep anonymous, then CardtoCrypto is your best crypto aggregator to find all of the possible options on buy UPCO2 with credit card.

buy UPCO2 with credit card

To get started on your Upco2 purchase, follow these steps:

  •   Go to
  •   Select the Crypto you want to buy (UPCO2)
  •   Select your purchasing country (where you are)
  •   Select the currency you want to purchase in
  •   Input the amount of that currency you’d like to use in your transaction
  •   Click Search
  •   You can now filter the results based on your requirements, Aggregated, Best Rate, Fasted, Best Rating
  •   Decide which to buy and select Buy Now

Recommendations For Digital Carbon Credit Coins

Both UPCO2 and MC02 are excellent opportunities to get in early for a new type of cryptocurrency that is being backed by a real asset and lives in a real market.

If you can access both, buying either coin could be an excellent long-term investment, especially with the UPCO2 price prediction being extremely high, even though carbon credit prices are still relatively volatile.

Keep an eye on the markets and prices and invest wisely based on your own reviews of the carbon credit coins.

Digital Carbon Credit Coin Benefits

Digital carbon credit coins are not based on speculation like many other coins; there is a real value and market behind the coins. The value of the coins is based on the value of VCUs; as VCUs increase in price, the digital carbon credit coin value will also increase.

If you’re concerned about UPCO2 and other digital carbon credit coins, then track the value of VCUs historically, check the prices against how UPCO2 has performed, and then analyze if you believe the UPCO2 token price prediction is coming out.

Unless the prices of VCUs massively drop, then digital carbon price prediction should stay in line with those prices.


Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is “as is,” and there is no guarantee of the accuracy of the information. Cryptocurrency markets and carbon credit markets are extremely volatile, so current conditions and your own judgment should be used when making purchases.Consider talking to financial advisors and tax advisors before making any kind of decision.

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