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    • Best offer
      0.004502 BTC
      • 1 BTC = 33322 USD
      • Fiat Processing
      • Instant Verification
      • Max fees 5%
      • paybis
      • 4.5 Trustpilot
      • 10 minutes delivery
    • 0.004861 BTC
      • 1 BTC = 30858 USD
      • Trading
      • Instant Verifications
      • Withdrawal fees
      • 2.4 Trustpilot
      • 1 minute delivery
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    Welcome to the World of Crypto!
    It's a simple process to buy crypto by credit card instantly and 100% safely.
    Buy Bitcoin
    Buy Ethereum
    Buy Monero
    Buy Cardano
    Buy Akropolis
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    Shiba inu
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    How to Buy Crypto
    in Three Steps

    If you're new to cryptocurrency purchasing, it's important to know that your credit or debit card is the fastest and easiest option to buy Bitcoin. We'll also waive any commission on your first buy transaction with a credit card.

    Would you like to learn more about our service? Watch video tutorial.

    • Step one
      Pick the crypto you want to buy
      Input the amount of crypto you want, and select your payment method.
    • Step two
      Review available options and pick the best offer
      Complete the payment process.
    • Step three
      Watch for your crypto to arrive
      Timing would have been indicated on your offer.
    What We Offer
    • Get instant offers
      Instantly get a personalized list of offers based on your requirements, which include rates and time to delivery.
    • Best in class security and process
      Security, safety, and fast processing are at the
      forefront of what we do, along with the best rates possible.
    • What's in it for us?
      We're completely transparent with our process; our goal is only to facilitate the exchange and get you the best rates.
    Our Fiat Partnerships
    CardtoCrypto only works with the most reliable and secure partners to ensure you and your exchanges go smoothly and securely with no issues.
    • switchere
    • kuna
    • paybis
    • cex
    • coingate
    • coinsbit
    • binance
    • okx
    • easycrypto
    • exmo
    • kraken
    • kriptomat
    • coinmama
    • uphold
    • localcoinswap
    • hodIhodI
    • kucoin
    • okcoin
    • xanpool
    • bybit
    • xcoins
    • liquid
    • zondaglobal
    • guardarian
    Popular Questions (FAQ)
    • Buying cryptocurrencies is the same as any other online transaction; however, you're receiving a digital product (crypto) into your digital wallet instead of buying a physical product.


      You can pick the crypto you want to buy, select your currency to buy it in, and what payment method to use, such as debit or credit card.


      The complete steps will depend on the exchange partner, but the standard process is detailed below:

      • Have your payment method ready to enter. Your best options will be a standard credit card or a debit card backed by Visa or Master. Most exchange partners take these methods and may offer other options as well.
      • Go to CardtoCrypto and enter which crypto you want, how much, select your preferred currency, and then search.
      • You can also set how much fiat currency you want to spend, which will show you how much of your select crypto option will be available.
      • Ensure you select your country so that we only show you legal options to use in your country.
      • CardtoCrypto will check for real-time exchange rates with all exchange partners and provide the results to you ordered by the best options first. You'll be able to see which payment methods each exchange partner accepts before moving forward with the transaction.
      • Pick your preferred offer.
      • A safety notice will appear to remind you of the safety when providing your bank card information online.

      A big issue or something you really need to verify when purchasing in the digital wallet address. You can't cancel or undo transactions once they've been done, so be 100% confident you are entering the correct digital wallet address for your select crypto.

      • You'll be able to see a summary of your transaction and then confirm it to start the process.
      • You will receive a confirmation on-screen or via email once the transaction completes.

      Once you get your confirmation, then you're done, and you now own cryptocurrency. Things will get much easier and faster once you get more familiar with the process and even start using your favorite exchange partners.


    • Most exchange partners will accept debit or credit cards backed by Visa or Mastercard. You'll be able to find exchange partners that have other payment methods, whether it's Skrill, Neteller, Wire transfer, or almost anything else you'll be able to find an exchange to work with.


      The most accepted fiat currencies are USD, EUR, GBP, and AUD. However, you can find many others, but your options and exchange rates will differ.


      You can confirm in the crypto search on CardtoCrypto your preferred currency which will help filter exchanges.

    • A digital wallet is required whether you want to buy, exchange, or sell crypto. During your first transaction with an exchange, you may have the opportunity to create an online crypto wallet that can then be used. However, you can create your own wallet, including offline hard versions, which are more secure.


      If you're curious about the best methods to create a digital wallet, then check out our blog, which has a lot of information available for free.


      When you decide on which wallet to create, ensure it supports the cryptocurrencies that you plan to buy. Not all wallets work perfectly with all currencies, so do a little research to ensure your wallet will meet your needs. Most crypto wallets or exchanges list the coins or tokens that they support.


      Software wallets on an exchange are the most convenient if you trust that exchange with your coins. However, hardware wallets put the control into your hands and take your coins or tokens offline to be more secure and safe.


      It's often a good idea to either research hardware wallets to find the best match for you or simply use an exchange's digital wallet until you understand the process better.


      Also, note that digital wallets are free; hardware wallets can cost hundreds of dollars.

    • Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, with thousands available and a huge number that pop up and disappear just as quickly. You can purchase a cryptocurrency that is 100% legit with no scams, but if that cryptocurrency loses favor or interest from the wider community, then the value may plummet, and the crypto could become worthless.


      CardtoCrypto makes every effort to provide verified cryptocurrencies from verified exchanges, but that type of verification only ensures you don't get scammed and doesn't guarantee anything about the actual crypto.


      Each cryptocurrency is independent, and the value may shift up or down over time, just like a stock, but in many cases, cryptos do not have anything backing the value except the interest from investors. There will be general price fluctuations, but there will also be intentional price drives by other investors trying to inflate or deflate the value of crypto for their own purposes, which is why the smaller cryptos can be more volatile, vs. Bitcoin that is much larger and harder to impact through a single entity.


      Cryptocurrencies in some cases can be spent like fiat currencies, but there is no government or central banks that back them, so there are no government controls, safety nets, or regulations that control who can do what with the crypto, which makes it much more volatile and you have no real safety even if an exchange goes down and takes your online digital wallet with it, which is why hardware wallets are much safer.


      Due to these risks, investing critical funds such as retirement savings heavily into crypto is often not ideal, especially the smaller, lesser-known options. Crypto should only be a part of your investment portfolio and should not encompass your entire nest egg.


      Like stocks, there are risks, so planning and keeping yourself safe is important, but crypto trading can be very profitable, especially as you become more knowledgeable and experienced.


      The CardtoCrypto blog is a great resource to ensure you're up to speed on all the trends and required information and information on crypto safety, markets, tax requirements, and many other topics that help you navigate the world of crypto.

    • Buying and exchanging cryptocurrencies has inherent risks that you need to be aware of and protect yourself again. In most cases, common sense will help you out. Don't invest in cryptocurrencies you can't find information on, don't provide your information to unknown entities, especially not your private keys, and make sure you're trading in safe places. Some tips and advice to keep your crypto transactions secure when using CardtoCrypto are listed below.

      • Always make crypto transactions in a private place on your own computer or phone.
      • Understand that cryptocurrencies can have a high chance of fraud, theft, or market volatility, so invest wisely and within your own limits.
      • Remember that crypto transactions can't be undone, so double-check all digital wallet addresses and amounts before confirming.
      • Don't share your crypto wallet or exchange accounts with anybody.
      • Don't send payments directly to somebody that approaches you outside of an exchange or through transactions not initiated by you.
      • CardtoCrypto is just an aggregator, so most issues will need to be addressed with the exchange partner you performed the transaction with.
      • Ensure you go to exchanges through known websites or addresses; don't click on links in email or that are sent to you via other methods.
      • Ensure you have enough time for transactions and don't have to rush before everything is completed.

      Head over to the CardtoCrypto blog for a huge range of safety and security tips from experts who have your safety in mind and want you to have a great experience trading with CardtoCrypto.

    • Payment providers will be determined by the exchange partner that you use, but that information should be provided on the partners' website or can be found by contacting the partner if you have concerns.


      While CardtoCrypto is transparent in everything we do, it's impossible for us to know all of the exchanges and payment providers used; this can also change as exchange partners modify who they work with and as new partners come on board.

    • There are a huge number of fiat currencies and thousands of cryptocurrencies that are constantly changing. With such a wide range of options and combinations, you won't always get an offer, and sometimes the offers won't be a good match for what you want but will be the best match for right then.


      You'll also find that not all exchanges deal in all cryptocurrencies, so the more unique or newer the crypto you want is, the fewer exchanges and fewer offers you get. Exchanges implement new currencies as demand increases with their user base.


      It's also possible if you're trying to convert from crypto to fiat and you're in a smaller country that fewer exchanges will offer this service, and it can be quite difficult for you to find a good offer.


      In extremely rare cases, there will be no offers at all, this could be related to your country, or it could be related to brand new cryptocurrencies or crypto that is starting to lose value and be removed from exchanges.


      CardtoCrypto's exchange partners can easily work with the top 5 fiat currencies, and most support at least the 450+ cryptocurrencies with some variation on which they consider the top. You'll also find a few exchange partners that deal with niche cryptocurrencies, but your offers will be limited.


      If you can't find a suitable offer or no offer at all, you can modify the currency you want to work in to increase the offers available. This can add some cost on but lets you get started, and as your profits increase, you can keep your crypto working for you and use exchanges rather than buys or crypto to fiat conversations.

    What's New on the Blog?
    The CardtoCrypto blog offers access to market analytics, forecasts, and all the news and information required for you to make smart decisions.
    Buy & Sell Crypto by Credit Card. Simply.
    Just choose the best from the many offers.
    Minimum amount $150
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