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    Where to Buy ZIL

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    Zilliqa Price Prediction

    Zilliqa Logo

    Zilliqa recently launched a Metaverse project called Metapolis which may push the value of the ZIL token much higher as Metapolis gains ground in the Metaverse.


    Some predictions put Zilliqa in the realm of the 50 biggest cryptocurrencies based on market cap and could position it as one of the top crypto projects to watch going forward.


    With the massive interest in the new project and the Metaverse being one of the biggest growth sections going into the future, investors are very interested in the native token ZIL and how high it may go over the next few years.


    If you’re curious about Zilliqa, then keep reading as we going over everything you need to know and provide the predictions for ZIL going forward to 2030.


    The Zilliqa price predictions are just that and should not be taken as advice or assume any guarantee of the price increase as any cryptocurrency is volatile and problematic to predict long term.

    Zilliqa Initial Analysis

    ZIL is a utility token and provides real fundamental value, which makes evaluation and price predictions for ZIL a little easier than cryptos that are based solely on speculation.


    Zilliqa provides a blockchain platform allowing developers to create decentralized apps (dApps). It has fierce competition from other platforms, such as Ethereum, Tron, EOS, etc. To be competitive in the dApps space, Zilliqa has introduced sharding which significantly speeds up transactions by splitting infrastructure and creating multiple blockchains which are all connected.


    ZIL is the underlying native token for Zilliqa, and it is used for transactions and smart contracts; it also rewards and incentivizes network participation. As long as developers create and users access the dApps the ZIL token has fundamental value and should increase as usage increases.

    Zilliqa Long-Term Price Prediction

    The Zilliqa price prediction is for it to double between 2022 and 2030, so buying and holding over the long-term could see your profits double though many things can happen over the course of 8 years.


    Year Price Prediction
    2022 $0.25
    2023 $0.30
    2024 $0.26
    2025 $0.31
    2030 $0.50

    Zilliqa (ZIL) Price Prediction for May 2022

    Zilliqa pre predictions for May 2022 are hopeful, but the price may continue to dip until higher adoption of the Metapolis platform is found, and that is the biggest factor in the price predictions for ZIL at the moment, it all rests of the Metaverse project.


    Most predictions see ZIL dropping back down to the pre-rally highs and then slowly increasing over time, so May 2022 may see a major correction, or one is predicted for the near future until ZIL can slowly start climbing again as adoption starts happening for the Metaverse platform.


    Predictions have the ZIL token sticking around $0.2 for the majority of May, and it may even be possible to reach $0.25.

    Zilliqa (ZIL) Price Prediction for June 2022

    Predictions see a bull run for Zilliqa in June 2022, but that can easily change; the ZIL token valuation is almost entirely stuck to the Metaverse project, so high adoption and use mean higher prices, and if it drops off then prices ill also drop off.


    The price prediction for June indicates it could hit $0.3 or $0.35, or if adoption is poor, the price may drop back to $0.15.

    Zilliqa (ZIL) Price Prediction for 2023

    For 2023, the price predictions have ZIL following the crypto market in general as it historically has, so if it manages to reach $0.35, it may fluctuate around that level as the market goes up and don in general.


    It’s possible for ZIL to reach $0.35 for 2023, but price predictions have it sticking around $0.3 on average.

    Zilliqa (ZIL) Price Prediction for 2024

    ZIL in 2024 are bullish long-term and see the token hitting a new standard price of $0.35 as it slowly gains ground as adoption continues to increase.


    ZIL is heavily dependent on the Metapols project being successful as well as the overall crypto market. So if there are any significant issues, lack of adoption, or even a major market dip, then ZIL will drop down further.


    The price prediction for ZIL has it potentially hitting $0.35 but averaging out at $0.26 in 2026; growth may be slow unless there are some significant investments or dApps created on the platform that also take off and push the price higher.

    Zilliqa (ZIL) Price Prediction for 2025

    ZIL in 2025 has it following the same trajectory it has been going, with slight increases as there is further adoption of the Metaverse project that it heavily relies on to see price gains. It will also be heavily influenced by the overall crypto market going up and down.


    The price prediction for ZIL in 2025 is a low of $0.19, a high of $0.57, and averaging out at $0.31 throughout the year.

    Zilliqa (ZIL) Price Prediction for 2030

    Predicting ZIL 8 years into the future is challenging as many things can happen; there could be significant adoption of the Metaverse platform, which will see prices continue up, or the platform could fold due to lack of adoption, which would see it drop back down to $0.25 or even lower.

    It's possible with a good overall crypto market and heavy platform adoption that prices could reach $1, but with so much time for things to happen, it could turn into a shitcoin, especially if innovation and adoption of the Metaverse doesn’t go as planned.


    The current price predictions for 2030 see ZIL hitting $0.5 on average, but only time can tell how crypto will fare in the future and whether the Metaverse will still be a major component in 2030.

    ZIL / USD Price
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    • It’s possible that ZIL will hit $1 in 2030 based on predictions, but right now, that is not a guaranteed prediction, and estimates see the token maxing out at $0.57 by 2030 unless something significant changes with the platform.

    • Zilliqa (ZIL) has had a massive rally due to the announcement of its Metaverse project Metapolis in March 2022.

      However, as indicated, the price is expected to correct in 2022-2023 back to $0.25, so continued fast gains are not likely.

    • Zilliqa (ZIL) is a platform that allows developers to create decentralized apps (dApps), which is a potential major component of the Metaverse and Web 3.0.

    • Based on current information, it’s unlikely that Zilliqa will reach $10 in the near future. Something significant would need to happen that pushes Zilliqa as a major player for it to reach $10.

    • Based on current information and predictions, there is almost no change for Zilliqa to hit $100 even during a major rally or mooning of the token.

    • Zilliqa is a utility token backed by actual use in a Metaverse project, so it has the potential for good gains over the long term. It’s still considered a high-risk, high-reward cryptocurrency as there is no guarantee on how well adoption will go for the platform.

    • Zilliqa is a real cryptocurrency with a real project backing it up; it’s not solely based on speculation as some cryptocurrencies may be.

    • ZIL was historically on Ethereum as ERC-20 tokens but has been transitioned to the Zilliqa blockchain.

    • Zilliqa and Cardano are both platforms trying to solve problems using blockchain technology. However, Cardano is the bigger project with a higher expectation of increasing value and gathering adoption with its platform.


      Only time can tell how Zilliqa will do, but predictions don’t show it being significantly more successful or valuable than Cardano.

    • If your goal is to look for an opportunity to cash out at a high price, then Zilliqa may not be the investment for you. The fees on Zilliqa are too high to simply stake it in the short term. Looking for long-term investment is the strategy with Zilliqa that will bring in higher regard.

    • You need to provide proof of your identity for your first transaction. This allows CardtoCrypto to ensure the platform is safe for everybody and nobody is performing suspicious transactions.


      As part of your account verification, you need to provide your email, which we'll verify. This is a standard part of creating an account on any crypto platform.

    • The minimum amount of USD we suggest working with is $150, though you can search for less, and due to marketing fluctuations, the amount of USD you need for specific amounts of Zilliqa will change. But if you have a set budget, you can enter that amount and check for the best deals we are showing at that time.


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      If you don't see preferable rates, then wait and come back another day to check if market rates have changed in your favor, but there is no guarantee, and all cryptos fluctuate based on supply and demand regularly.

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